Brand Guidelines

When I joined Driveway as a Senior Deisgner, the brand felt diluted across different pillars of the organization. We often partnered with agencies and printers and needed to ensure that our brand story was communicated accurately.

My solution: a cohesive set of brand guidelines. I coordinated with teams across product and marketing to create a single document that could be shared with internal and external partners.

Here are some sample slides.


When I started at Driveway, the marketing team paid an agency to run social accounts. It was expensive, centered stock photography, and the content didn’t feel aspirational. We decided to pull the account in-house. I did a competitor analysis, looking outside the auto industry to sectors prioritizing design. I offered a strategy with templated categories to push on social.

To create content for social platforms, I art directed and produced photoshoots, using a nimble team of a photographer and models, each resulting in 25 images and 3 videos.

Los Angeles + Palm Springs
Producer/Art Director: Sita Fidler
Photographer: Neal Handloser

Las Vegas
Producer/Art Director: Sita Fidler
Photographer: Billy Yarbrough

Mt. Hood
Art Director/Photographer: Sita Fidler