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The term lily-livered first appears at the start of the 16th century in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. At this time the liver was believed to govern the spirit. When healthy, it was thought to be dark red in hue and to offer courage and passion. When pale, or white like a lily, the liver was thought to offer frailty, weakness and surrender. This zine examines my own relationship with courage.

Release party at Outlet, PDX with accompanying stickers, zine hats, and temporary tattoos.

Champagne from a Paper Cup

In the early '00s Death Cab for Cutie gave a voice, albeit one racked with angst and cliches, to adolescents sulking in their bedrooms. Facing a period of uncertainty in my mid-twenties, I revisit these sentiments in a risograph zine.

Deliberately designed and printed under artificial time constraints, the work neither attempts to answer profound questions nor takes itself too seriously. Instead, it embraces themes of macabre, sexual awakening, and of course, transatlanticism.

Release party at Donnie Vegas.

Mendocino High

One of my great inspirations, Taryn Simon, revealed to me that fact is, indeed, greater than fiction. Her collections of photography document unlikely objects; American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar offers visual cues into the secrets of the United States. It is a volume of mystery and intrigue, of access and beauty. In her volumes, Simon offers a robust, fleshed out recollection.

In the hopes of weaving fact and fiction together, this zine combines found objects from Mendocino and Fort Bragg thrift stores with analog photos I took during our trip there in July, 2018. Aren’t pages from the magazines we read as enlightening as actual photographs of us? Sometimes I can’t capture an experience as fully as I need to. Not sure if this is art or a disorder.

Photography feature on Ain't Bad.

Not Erotica

A collaborative project with writer Hannah Westly. Together, we created an illustrated essay of trying, and failing, to write an erotic novel. A self published book ed. of 30. To push the concept further, I created limited edition embroidered crewneck sweatshirts and sticker sheets.

Zine release party at Land Gallery.